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Acetone free Gel remover! WHAT?!

Yes! You read that right!

I can't believe this stuff works!

The worst part about a gel manicure was the acetone soak off!

It would damage my nails and dry out my skin SO bad!

Hello "Flake Off" gel remover from Gel Moment! (

Why is this remover SO unique?

Aside from being 5 FREE you can see its also:

Acetone Free

Gluten Free

Latex Free

Lead Frere

Cruelty Free!

Buh bye chemicals hello healthy nails!

How do you use it?

1) Buff your nails to take the shine away.

2) Brush on Falke Off

3) Wait 3- 5 mins

4) Use a cuticle pusher to gently help flake or slide off the polish!

**IF you are a multi-layer gel girl like myself, then you will need to repeat this process again. Most of our gel is created to be 1 coat but I personally love it thicker!

Want to see it in action?!

Are you a traditional gel remover girl and don't mind a little acetone? We do also offer "gentle" acetone removers with 33% acetone.

Watch the pad remover system:

If you want to read more about Gel Moment and the chemical-free healthy gel at home nail system read my "Why Gel Moment" blog post!

If you have questions you can email or text me!



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