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Updated: May 7, 2020

So if you know me, you know I LIVE for my gel nails! I would be getting my nails done every 4-5 weeks.

During the quarantine of 2020, I was feeling desperate and naked without my gel and spent many hours researching on amazon for a brand of gel that I could get and try doing myself.

In the end I clear my cart and end up with nothing.

Along comes a post about an at home gel system called Gel Moment!

I grabbed a "Beginners Choice" kit (below) since it included everything I needed to get going with gel!

The Beginner`s Choice Kit contains the following items:

  • Your choice of 1 GelMoment polish

  • 1 LED Lamp

  • 1 Mini Nail File 

  • 1 Cuticle pusher

  • 1 Gel Remover Pack of 50

  • 1 Cleanser Pack of 50

  • 5 Samples from the GelMoment Skin Care Line

  • 3 Samples from the GelMoment HairSpa Line

By purchasing these products as a kit, you save $13.65

I chose the colour "I Pink You" which is a light blush pink and I wanted it as my "regular" go to colour!

The colour I have on in the pictures is called "shadow surfer" and it was th ecolour I used to test the system!

Im not usually a blue kind of girl but this is just fabulous and SUPER sparkly in the sun!

When I first opened the shipping box, I loved the branded bubble packs! Yes small detail but I love that kind of thing!

Now let's talk about my love for the actual kit box!!!!

It's stunning and I honestly didn't expect it! I thought all the items would be just loose in the packing box!

This gorgeous floral was a sleeve on top of a high quality white fold out kit box.

I swear this was like opening a gift on Christmas morning!

Did you notice the SCENTED remover pads!? YES! I chose clementine scent!

A couple other items included in this kit were these awesome styling strips!! Can't wait to try those AND cleanser pads as well!!

I can't wait to change my Shadow Surfer gel to the I Pink You but i'm testing how long these last!

I did LOVE how easy the application was and the result so far 5 days later, even with all the rigorous activity I have put my hands through!

I did end up joining Gel Moment since the cost of the starter kit and what was included was hard to pass up!

I am excited to have my own at home gel manicures and save all that $$ from going to the salon!!

Watch my unboxing review here:

Read what sets GelMoment apart from other Gels: Click to read.


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