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Lunch at The White Oak Cottage

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

From the moment you pull up in front of the rustic chic farmhouse, you feel the cozy vibes. I didn't know where to start with photos as the E N T I R E place is Instagram heaven!

The pink door entrance takes you to the farmhouse boutique, while this entrance takes you to the bistro area. They created the space in a way that the store flows right into the dining area keeping it consistent throughout.

We entered through the restaurant side first. We were seated in a comfy closed off sunroom with lots of warm country house decor.

The tables were weathered and loved just adding to the ambiance of the room.

We enjoyed an absolutely FANTASTIC lunch. Its very rare for me to LOVE everything I ordered, but this time The WhiteOak Cottage delivered a menu and food that I inhaled!

We ordered the charcuterie board (feeds 2-4) Id say it was good for the 2 of us. I also ordered the whipped feta with warm pita and parmesan truffle fries with garlic aioli.

Even the food is photogenic!

After we licked out plates, it was time to explore the boutique. I think I heard Louis sigh wondering what I would be bringing home with us.

This spot was just as we came out of the sun room and were told it is where many take their instagram shots. Lilija loved it and wanted to bring the entire display home to her room.

Throughout the boutique there are nooks and crannies FILLED with unique decor pieces. As I walked around I honestly didn't say much as I was so overwhelmed at how impeccable this place was and how each curated piece had a place. There was even a courtyard with plants and a weathered piano bringing the rustic vintage vibe outside.

After we returned inside the boutique, we found our way to the stairs which led up to a loft overlooking the boutique. It had woman's and kids clothes upstairs and felt like a really fun dressing room!

I couldn't get enough of the chandeliers which brought elegance to the barn.

If you are ever in the Tampa, FL area this is a must see! It will become a regular spot for us!

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