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There are some really AWESOME features and benefits to this Canadian company that you HAVE to know cause I'm SO freakin excited and it takes a lot to do that!

So stay with me as I go through the points that sealed the deal for me!

First of all they offer over 70+ gel quality polishes with a variety of finishes like sparkle, shimmer, and solid!

What is SO cool about this polish??

Eco-friendly, non-toxic, solvent-free, lead-free, latex-free, cruelty-free, and 5+ FREE (No Toluene, no Dibutyl Phtalate, no Formaldehyde, no Formaldehyde Resin, and no Camphor).

Our products are free of any animal by-products and never undergo animal testing.

It's FAST With no top or base coat required, our gel polish cures in just 45 to 60 seconds, depending on which one of our LED lamps you choose.

It's DURABLE Our GelMoment Polishes aren’t just beautiful, they’re durable too! Our gel polish lasts up to 14 days, depending on your nail type.

Our easy removal system is non-damaging to your natural nails, allowing for easy colour changes as often as you like. Our gel polish is also safe to use on children with the proper supervision!

Honestly, besides the clean polish and 1 step application, quick cure AND 5 Free, THIS product right here is the ULTIMATE remover!

I HATE sitting in the salon with foil wrapped around my fingertips waiting for the gel to bubble then have the lady scrape about 4 levels of my nail off to finish removing!

This is a REVOLUTIONARY product that is applied like polish, sits for 3-5-10 mins (depending how many layers of polish you have on) it bubbles and flakes off that MAY need a little help from your cuticle pusher but LIGHTLY!!!!!

Ok so that takes care of just SOME of the fabulousness of this line!

NOW since you don't need a top coat with these polishes, they offer "accent" topcoats!

**As of May 2020 they are reformulating the Matter Effect and should be back soon!

There is also a complete line of "accessories"

This shows just some of the "extras" available to get and amp up your manicure!

You can see in the picture above the accessories I got in my kit - Hello Graphic Chrome strips, finger chains, and nail stickers!!

What I'm also excited about?? The chrome powders!!!

The final thing I LOOOVVEEEE is the portability!!!!

The polishes are low to no odour, so you can apply on the go!

Our mini lamps (2 finger only) comes with a USB plug so you can use a power bank or your laptop to use!!

This is the pink 2 finger lamp I got!

So you can see why I'm head over nails for this company! Oh I forgot to mention the pricing is economical!!!!

Polishes are $25 and monthly we have ones that are on sale for $20!

As a customer you can get started with the basics for under $85!

Here is an example of a 1st time order:

Know that the lamp and file will last you!

Here is my daughter Lilija(9) who is also now obsessed with the fact that we can do manicures ALLLLLL the time!!! I am SO happy that this is safe for her and that I can do a mani on her in about 15mins and they are instantly dry!

We do have a customer beginners kit coming back soon which is about $62 and gives you everything you need as well but includes remover pads instead of the flake off gel!

NOW if you want to save long term and know that your friends will want some, then the distributor kit is definitely the way to go!

Once in a while, there are kit specials but usually, they are around $119 and as low as $89 (currently May 2020) - message me for the current kit price if you read this after May!

To see what is included in your kit click here to read my Gel Moment kit unboxing!!


1) You get to save $$$$$ on all your future product buying!

- You start with a 15% discount and once you have a total of $500 in sales/purchases you jump to a 25% discount for LIFE! You can earn more when you share the awesomeness and others join you!

2) You EARN while finger flashing your mani!

-When you have any sales you will EARN a 15% commission to start and again once you hit you first $500 total in sales/purchases you will EARN 25% commission!!

3) You get paid almost as fast as it takes to cure your polish ;)

Commission is paid within the next hour or so after the order is placed! As a distributor you pay retail but the discount is deposited right back to you!

4) Low minimum to stay "active" which means to still get your discount!

-In a 3 month period, you need to have $200 in total sales/purchases. Don't freak out! $200 goes EXTREMELY quick when your friends get a look at your nails and you'll want ALLLLLL the colours ;)

5) NO INVENTORY!!!!! Did you hear me?!

- There is no need to stock anything at home other than your personal collection! That means no $$ wasted! Ship direct to porch!

6) We are in Canada, USA, UK & Australia! Yes Mate! Cool Eh? Y'all excited?

- If you know anyone in those countries they can all shop from your website and have it shipped direct!!!

7) All your besties can join you as distributors and have an on-point polish posse ;)

- if anyone you know wants to join you, they can!! Are they in any of the countries we are in? They can join too!

8) You have all the support from me!

-I have a lot of years in this industry and believe i'm one hell of a #momboss! I have had teams of 1000's and we have generated millions in sales! Besides that, I understand the needs of keeping it simple so you have me to ask questions, you will be added to our "Cutie-Cles" page AND the company has really given you EVERYTHING you need so you don't have to worry about creating advertising material or taking pictures!!!! It's all here and it's all waiting for you!

9) You will have FUN! If you like doing your nails then this is a no brainer decision!

- If you find you are more of a customer than a distributor than that's FINE! we support you either way! I encourage you to try it though and if you find you cannot maintain the $200 you can always just go back to being a retail customer!


- You do this how you want to! NO one here is going to tell you, you HAVE to do this!

- If you want to shop with a discount and be part of an incredibly supportive group then THIS IS FOR YOU!

-If you want to work this as a business then THIS IS FOR YOU!

If you missed it up top, to see what is included in your kit

Have more questions?


text (416)558-1643 saying: I want more Gel Moment Info!

IF you are ready to SHOP or ORDER your kit you can visit my website NOW and get going!


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