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Lilijas 6th birthday theme was fun, delicious YET challenging!

I was excited to create a "Willy Wonka" inspired or "candy" theme.

I try to reuse what I have at home along with items from the $1 store.

Wish I was more passionate about taking better quality photos back then.

I wanted to incorporate as much "candy" and sweets as possible but also knew the cost of candy is a lot!

Marshmallows were my compromise to really fill in the gaps!

I got ice cream cones, campfire marshmallows, and these twisted marshmallows all from the $1 store and just hot glued them together!

I hot glued the cones right on the candelabra since it easily peels off. I then hot glued the twisted marshmallows on the jumbo marshmallow!

These large lollipops were a cheap and easy craft to make! paint a swirl on a paper plate wrap it in clear wrapping and attach to a stick!!! BOOM a large lolly! All the supplies were purchased at the dollar store.

This centrepiece was A LOT of fun to put together BUT it took a little imagination and dollar store browsing!

The vase I already had since I collect from weddings and events.

The plastic balls came in a bag for $3 then I mixed them with candy from the dollar store.

My original idea was to fill the vase completely with candy, but the cost would have been astronomical!

The top candy is simply a foam craft ball wrapped in clear wrap again from the dollar store!

These next feature pieces were also really fun! Again using your imagination you just glue and stick candy anywhere to make it look whimsical and fun.

The round part is a craft foam ball with candy hot glued on and then lollipops pushed into it!

I loved the butterflies as it gives some dimension and movement to the piece. The butterflys are on springs(from the dollarstore) The lollipop topper is also a dollar store special.

I wanted to incorporate cotton candy too. It was cheap and fills up a space fast!

I wanted to recreate a dripping ice cream cone so I filled a vase with cotton candy flipped it over and glued the cone to the top! I used mini marshmellows to create the dripping!

Another simple piece was this vase I had that I added a lillipop to!

I LOVED the twisted marshmellows and found they added so much fun to the table like confetti.

Doillies added a liittle fancy flair to it all

These are my infamous white trees that I use for just about every party theme I do!

I got them from a wedding supply store and have had them for at leaast 5 years now.

You can see I added bits of cotton candy which didn't work out as well. Our home is open concept so the heat from the kitchen actually melted the cotton candy and it began to drip.

On each place setting I put a ring pop on the napkins!

I had a lot of fun making the fake gumball machines.

I took a metal tin ffrom the dollarstore and flipped it upside down glued on a round bowl filled with the plastic balls and topped with a painted flower pot drip tray!

Of course a candy party wouldn't be complete with a mini candy bar! I used curtains from my windows and draped the table for a fun carnival feel.

The hanging ice cream cones and balloons were the only items I bought at Party City!!

How do I hang decor on the cieling? I use clear 3M hooks! Ive had the same ones on for 7 years since we hang decor from the cieling every christmas and every birthday!

The butterfly gold cutouts were designed and cut for me by Piccolo Paper - my friend Daniela and they sit on the edge of wineglasses!!!

This table was a simpler set up for Lilijas "friends" party the night before the family party!

They decorated chef hats and got an apron. We had a chef lead make your own pizza from start to finish!!

Overall I LOVED the candy theme and it was relatively inexpensive considering 90% came from the dollar store and I repurpose a lot of things I have at home!

Id love to hear what you think! Drop some comments below!


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